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2017 Broadcasters Clinic Wins SBE Award

From Chapter President Steve Brown –

Very proud to accept this award tonight on behalf of the Clinic planning committee and all the attendees. This award is from the Society of Broadcast Engineers National Meeting. The 2017 Broadcast Clinic was named the Best Regional Educational Event. Special recognition should go to our Chair Kent Aschenbrenner (Milwaukee Chapter 28), Linda Baun (who we all know does so much for Broadcast Clinic, and to Leonard Charles, immediate past Chair of the Clinic Committee. These individuals and countless others worked very hard in 2017 and every year to put together a great event.

You can still make plans to attend this award-winning event – takes place in less than two weeks! For more information on this year’s event, click here.

Regulatory Alert: Register Your C-Band Receive-Only Earth Station Now

I’d like to take a moment to call your attention to this important notice from the National SBE OfficeThis impacts any broadcaster that uses a C Band satellite dish to receive programming for rebroadcast. 

Please strongly consider licensing your satellite dish during this brief window.  I will keep a file of vendors providing this service in an effort to find the least costly way for you to do this. Yes I understand it is an unplanned expense, but the costs of NOT doing so might be much more. Protect your broadcasts and license that earth station!  

This affects ALL RADIO STATIONS with the large satellite receive dishes.  Reach out to your smaller broadcaster friends and clients – be sure they understand this issue!

If you have questions about this issue, e-mail me at [email protected] and I will attempt to find answers for you.

This is from one vendor that can assist in registration

These are some “do-it-yourself” instructions